Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Scary Day

Don't judge, it was 7:00 a.m.

Jia getting ready to go to COSTCO with Dad, it's their favorite place

Saturday was the first day of Spring Break, but no one could breath a sigh of relief was
I think Drew and I were more nervous than the girls. When I asked them they said they felt prepared. It was
I hate that so much relies on a (arguably) biased test. I thank God that my girls are motivated enough to work so hard.

The test was given at Drew's school. The whole family woke up at 7:00 to take them to the test which was 4 hours long. It consisted of reading, essay, grammar and math.

After that Drew and I took Jia to her Saturday class. It is called SWIFT and it is for children who are struggling with reading and phonics skills. Jia is struggling in school but she works very hard. Jia's teacher loves her, really gives her extra attention, she is also enrolled in speech and gets extra help from another teacher that works with her one on one. This is a 9 week course, every Saturday morning.

We have also just bought "Hooked On Phonics" to help her during the summer.

Sometimes it is hard to see the opposite side of things, everything either came really easy to Anna and Katie or they stayed up as late as they needed too for things to be right.

In other news, we have are traveling back to Stetson (Katie's first college choice) next Saturday for a Junior Open house. The trip is about 4 hours each way, we will do it in one day because of the animals. I would stay home, but this is sooo important and everyone else is too shy to ask questions. (once you get me out of the house, I am not shy) We will have a full report next week.

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