Monday, December 14, 2009

Jia's Bad Day

Okay, I am feeling like the worst Mom in the whole world. Today Jia had a Christmas Show for her Aftercare class and we missed it! In my defense, they didn't send any notification home, but she came running out saying "Did you see my show?' That ripped my heart out. (does this mean I really am too old to be the Mom of a 6 yr old?)

THEN, we got home and she showed me her "boo boo's" a big cut on her knee and a medium cut on her arm. When I asked her what happened she said that someone pushed her down on the playground and that her teacher took her to the nurse. NO ONE called or contacted Drew or I. This is the same school the called me every time Katie looked at them funny,and we didn't get any notification, so I am a little upset and sent an email to the teacher.

Anyway, tough day for my little "G".

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Sarah said...

Poor little thing! It was just one of those days. It must be tough being a parent, and you are not too old!!! She knows you love her and everyone makes mistakes.