Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Girls!

Katie after her day at Harbor Children's Foster Home

Drew-trying to steal Anna's soccer medal

Dad is so proud

What a good looking group

The goofy looking girls

Jia's life is complete-the pager buzzer went off!

Anna-kind of wishing she were sitting at a table with normal people

Jia eating her "doggie sundae"

Drew stealing Jia's "doggie sundae"

Jia's sisters join in on the conspiracy (Mom is innocent)

Yesterday was a day that made us even more proud of our big girls than we usually are. We have already mentioned that Anna was playing in her 8th All Star Soccer Game, well her team won and she played outstandingly well.

Meanwhile, Katie chose to spend helping the children at the Harbor Children's Foster Home. She came home glowing about the kids that she met and the things she got to do.

We told them we were going to take them out to eat and they chose Outback Steak House (actually Anna chose, Katie has salad wherever we go).

We took a lot of silly pictures, hope you enjoy them.

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